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Team introduction

The company's R&D team is composed of talents from international first-line well-known companies and first-class OEMs. The team has rich experience in development. The average length of service in R&D is up to 8 years, and 79% of them have a bachelor's degree or above. The team has the ability to innovate science and technology from R&D to production and then to sales.

Team introduction

People oriented, Talent is the first productive force

The first-class talents will create a first-class enterprise. Shindy sincerely invites you to join us for its development.
Shindy develops steadily and rapidly. Based on the principle of "people-oriented, talent is the first productive force", we respect the creativity and personality of each employee, assist each employee to make career planning in Shindy, and realize the rapid factory director of employees and the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Shindy practices the concept of employing talents, developing employees and growing together with the enterprise, and has created three career path plans for employees: management path, professional technology path and skilled technician path. Each path can be divided into five levels and eleven levels of promotion. Each employee can choose a career development path to match it based on their own situation.
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